DA Form 4881-3 Surety Bond for Safekeeping of Public Property and Guaranteeing Reimbursement to the Government for Expenses Incident to the Loan of Army Materiel - Exhibit Ii

DA Form 4881-3 - also known as the "Surety Bond For Safekeeping Of Public Property And Guaranteeing Reimbursement To The Government For Expenses Incident To The Loan Of Army Materiel - Exhibit Ii" - is a United States Military form issued by the Department of the Army.

The form - often mistakenly referred to as the DD form 4881-3 - was last revised on June 1, 2004. Download an up-to-date fillable PDF version of the DA 4881-3 down below or look it up on the Army Publishing Directorate website.


For use of this form, see AR 700-131; the proponent agency is DCS, G-4.
Know all men by these presents, that the (a)
a (b)
having its principal office in the city of (c)
and the state of (d)
, as the obligor, is held and firmly bound into the Unites States of America in the
penal sum of (e)
, lawful securities of the Unites States, payment of which sum, will be made to the United
States, without relief from evaluation or appraisement laws, said organization binds itself, its successors and assigns firmly by
these presents.
The condition of the above obligation is such, that whereas the (a)
a (b)
to which the Secretary of Defense is authorized to lend such materiel
as may be necessary for accommodation of the requirement, subject to the provision that before delivering such materiel he
shall take from the (a)
a good and sufficient bond for the safe
return of such property in good order and condition and the whole without expense to the United States.
Now, therefore, as to all the property of the United States to be loaned to the (a)
said (a)
shall take good care of, safely keep and account for, and shall, when
required by the Secretary of Defense or his authorized representative, safely return to Department of the Army all said property
issued and covered by this bond within (f)
days from the conclusion of said requirement the whole without
expense to the United States, in as good order and in the same condition as that in which the equipment and property existed
at the date of delivery, reasonable wear excepted, or upon formal demand make adequate monetary compensation for items
lost or damaged as well as for costs of depreciation (Note: "Depreciation" will not be included in bonds related to loans to
other Federal agencies.), renovation, or repair of items accomplished at Government repair facilities, and all transportation
provided as set forth and defined in the agreement dated (g)
between the United States of America and the
The above bounded obligor, in order to more fully secure the United States in the payment of the aforementioned sum, hereby
pledges as security therefor, in accordance with the provisions of Section 1126 of the Revenue Act of 1926, as amended,
United States of America Treasury bonds, in the principal amount of (e)
which are numbered serially, are
in the denominations and amounts, are otherwise more particularly described as follows:
United States of America Treasury bonds (h)
due (i)
Interest on said Treasury bonds shall accrue and be paid to the (a)
except and unless there occurs a default as defined herein and said securities are sold and applied to the satisfaction of such
default as provided herein. Said Treasury bond(s) (cash or certified check) have/has this day been deposited with the
Finance and Accounting Officer (j)
and his receipt taken therefor.
NOTE: If cash or a certified bank check is provided as bond instead of US of America
Treasury bonds, the two paragraphs above will be crossed out and the following paragraph
will apply.
DA FORM 4881-3, JUL 2004
DA FORM 4881-3-R, SEP 1984, IS OBSOLETE.
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APD LC v1.01ES

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