DA Form 4836 Oath of Extension of Enlistment or Reenlistment

What Is DA Form 4836?

DA Form 4836, Oath of Extension of Enlistment for Reenlistment is a form used by members of the Army National Guard (ARNG) or the United States Army Reserve (USAR) that have expressed a desire to extend their current enlistment or reenlistment agreement.

The latest edition of the oath - sometimes incorrectly referred to as the DD Form 4836 - was released by the Department of the Army (DA) in March 2018. An up-to-date DA Form 4836 fillable version is available for digital filing and download below or can be found through the Army Publishing Directorate website.

The DA 4836 is approved for unlimited distribution and public release. Providing the required information and signing the completed form signifies a wish to extend the current term of service, benefits and contractual provisions of the enlistment or reenlistment agreement.


Download DA Form 4836 Oath of Extension of Enlistment or Reenlistment

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How to Fill Out DA Form 4836?

An overview of the Oath of Extension of Enlistment for Reenlistment Form and filing guidelines can be found in the Army Regulation 140-111, U.S. Army Reserve Reenlistment Program, released in March 2018. DA Form 4836 instructions are as follows:

  1. Box 1 requires the applicant to select their branch of service from the two provided options:
    • A Troop Program Unit of the U.S. Army Reserve for members of TPU or Select Reserve;
    • Individual Ready Reserve for members of the IRR (Control Group) (AT), (Reinforcement) or (IMA);
    • AGR participants must type in "AGR" in the space above the words "Individual Ready Reserve".
  2. The applicant has to provide their name, grade, the date of filing the form and their unit of assignment in Boxes 2 through 5.
  3. Box 6 requires the applicant to copy the information from their latest DD Form 4, including its date, the term of service, the number of extensions, ETS and basic pay entry grade.
  4. Box 7 requires information on provisions and a computation of the extension in days, months and years.
  5. Box 8 requires to provide the authority and reason for the extension: the table and rule of either AR 140-111 or NGR 600-200.
  6. The next section of the DA 4836 - the Oath of Extension - provides the text of the oath itself and requires the applicant to correctly complete all fillable lines
  7. The officer certification part must be completed and signed by a designated authority (a commissioned officer, a warrant officer or other). The officer's signature verifies that the Oath was administered and duly sworn before them on a certain date.