DA Form 3439 Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentality Employment Inquiry Page 2


is being considered by this office
for a Nonappropriated Fund position as
In the application for employment, the candidate indicates:
your name as a reference
association with your organization from
The Department of the Army is charged with the responsibility of administering certain critical
programs both at home and abroad. It is essential that these programs be administered in a
manner which reflects to the credit of this Government. Therefore, it is necessary that individuals
selected for employment be fully qualified and have personal characteristics and loyalty which are
above reproach.
In selecting applicants we must depend in a large measure upon information and advice given
us by persons who have been associated with them. It will be appreciated, therefore, if you will
furnish, to the best of your knowledge, information as indicated on the enclosed DA Form 3439.
Your frank evaluation will be of great assistance to us in determining the applicant's suitability
for selection for the above position.
The information you provide, including your identity, will be disclosed to the person identified
above if he or she should so request.
Inasmuch as final selection for this position will be influenced by your reply, we shall appreciate
hearing from you as soon as possible. We are enclosing a self-addressed envelope which requires
no postage.
Sincerely yours,

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