AF Form 910 Enlisted Performance Report (AB Thru TSGT)

AF Form 910 Enlisted Performance Report (AB Thru TSGT)

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AF Form 910, Enlisted Performance Report (AB Thru TSgt) , is used to document effectiveness/duty performance history; separation; school and assignment selection; promotion; reenlistment; statistical and research analysis. It provides a long-term, reliable, cumulative record of promotion potential and performance from the position of airman basic (AB) to technical sergeant (TSgt). How well the individual works is of essential importance to the Air Force.

The latest version of the form was released by the U.S. Air Force (AF) on November 30, 2015 , with all previous editions obsolete. An up-to-date fillable AF Form 910 is available for download below.

No copies of the report can be found on the Air Force e-Publishing website. Additional information and filing guidelines can be found in Air Force Instruction (AFI) 36-2406, Officer and Enlisted Evaluation Systems, which sets expectations and performance standards for ratees, the directions on how to properly meet those established expectations and standards, and feedback on how the ratee is meeting those expectations.

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Q: What do I need to view AF 910 on my home computer?

A: To open and print AF Form 910 on your home computer, it is advisable to upgrade to the latest Adobe Reader version.

Q: How to view the AF 910 on a Mac?

A: Download and run the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software to open the fillable version of the form on a Mac computer.




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AF Form 910 Instructions are as follows:

  1. Enter the airman's full name, Social Security Number (SSN), rank, organization, command, location, and the period and reason for the report in Section I ("Ratee Identification Data").
  2. Section II ("Job Description") should feature the duty title and the key duties, responsibilities, and tasks the airman performs.
  3. Section III ("Performance in Primary Duties/Training Requirements") requires an assessment of knowledge, proficiency, initiative, motivation, skill level upgrade training, duty position requirements, certifications, qualifications, and training of others.
  4. Provide feedback on resource utilization (e.g. time management, equipment, manpower, and budget), adherence to standards, communication skills, caring, respectful, and dignified environment (teamwork) in Section IV ("Followership/Leadership").
  5. Section V ("Whole Airman Concept") requires assessing how the airman adheres to Air Force core values.

Additionally, AF Form 910 requires authorized review from the additional rater, the unit commander/the military or civilian director/another reviewer, and the final evaluator. They state their branch of service and rank, the duty title, and certify if they concur with the initial performance assessment.

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