Form 10-381 "Vehicle Registration Application" - Arkansas

What Is Form 10-381?

Form 10-381, Vehicle Registration Application, is a form that has to be completed by residents of the state of Arkansas to apply for vehicle registration.

Alternate Names:

  • Arkansas Vehicle Registration Form;
  • Arkansas Title Application.

After purchasing a new or used car from a dealer or private seller, a motorist has to obtain a vehicle registration certificate and a vehicle title. An Arkansas vehicle registration certificate allows its owner to operate their car on the state roads, and a title is a document that proves the ownership for a vehicle. The filer completing Form 10-381 can apply for both documents at the same time. The Arkansas Title Application is used to record a lien on a car title as well.

This form was released by the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration and the latest version was issued on May 30, 2000. A fillable Form 10-381 is available for download below.


How to Fill Out Arkansas Vehicle Registration Application?

Form 10-381 has to be completed by new residents of the State of Arkansas to register their out-of-state vehicle, and they have to do it within 30 days of establishing residency. A resident who has just purchased a car should apply for Arkansas Vehicle Registration and a vehicle title within 30 calendar days of their purchase. A vehicle registration certificate has to be updated every year and it is not required to renew a vehicle title. An applicant should submit the form in person through the Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicles.

The instructions for filling in Form 10-381 are as follows:

  1. An applicant has to enter information about a vehicle: its license plate number, identification number, year, model, color, fuel type, gross weight, and the previous title number. Depending on whether the vehicle was purchased from a dealer or a private seller, an applicant should attach to the form Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin or the previous vehicle title.
  2. Information about the owner of a vehicle, such as their full name, and address should be included.
  3. The title and renewal mailing addresses of an applicant have to be provided.
  4. If there is a lien (loan) on a vehicle, information about it should be entered. Indicate the first and second lienholders, the dates of the contracts, information about the revenue office and agent, the credit, penalty, and fees. A copy of the lien contract should be attached to the form.
  5. Signature of the lienholder or owner.

How Much Is Vehicle Registration in Arkansas?

An applicant applying for the registration of their vehicle must pay Arkansas Vehicle Registration fees. The amount of the title and registration fees depend on the gross weight of a vehicle and its type:

  1. Passenger cars and motor homes:
    • 3,000 lbs. and under: $17;
    • 3,001 to 4,500 lbs.: $25;
    • 4,501 lbs. and over: $30.
  2. Trucks and vans: $21.
  3. Motorcycles:
    • Less than 250 cc: $3;
    • 250 cc or more: $7.

The owner has to pay a late registration fee of $3 for every 10 days of not completing the registration, after an expiration of 30 days was given for this purpose.


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