Form 016-1000E "Registration of Constructors and Employers Engaged in Construction" - Ontario, Canada

What Is Form 016-1000E?

Form 016-1000E, Registration of Constructors and Employers Engaged in Construction, is a formal document prepared by all people employed in the construction industry before they start working on a construction project located in Ontario.

Alternate Names:

  • Form 1000;
  • Ministry of Labour (MOL) Form 1000.

Whether you are involved in a construction sector with multiple workplace hazards or your company was simply hired to supervise the building renovation, this statement must identify all builders and supervisors and outline the basics of the upcoming project. Form 016-1000E was issued by the Ontario Ministry of Labour on September 1, 2017, with all previous editions obsolete. Download a fillable MOL Form 1000 through the link below.


MOL Form 1000 Instructions

Follow these steps to complete Form 016-1000E:

  1. Check the appropriate box to select the type of your business - individual, sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, or joint venture.
  2. Write down your full name if you are an individual engaged in construction. Sole proprietors and corporations must indicate their operating and legal names, as well as the business number and corporation number.
  3. Add as many partnership partners and joint ventures as you need - specify whether they are a corporation or individual, state their names, business, and corporation numbers, names of directors or principal officers, titles, and the dates of appointments.
  4. State your business address and other contact details - the telephone number is mandatory.
  5. Indicate your business registration information - the harmonized tax number, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board account number, and the rate group number.
  6. Provide information about the project - the number of employees, location of the project, or directions to the workplace.
  7. Acknowledge the statements in the form are true and correct, enter your full name, title, date, and email address.

Once you complete the document, keep it at the location of the construction project during the entire period of development and construction. It may be requested by the ministry inspector to learn more about the company that works on the project and check whether all the safety and health requirements are complied with.


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