DA Form 7278-r Risk Level Worksheet

What is DA Form 7278-R?

DA Form 7278-R, Risk Level Worksheet is a form used by the Department of the Army (DA) for determining the level of risk to aid in the calculation of the necessary amounts of protection. The letter R at the end of the name of the form means that this form can be reproduced and reprinted when needed without any regulation.

The latest edition of the DA-issued form was released in August 1993 - all previous versions are obsolete and should not be used. A fillable DA Form 7278-R is available for download below.

The Risk Level Worksheet is used for recording the results of the risk analysis, protective measures and terrorism counteraction procedures that are to be implemented in an inspected area. See DA PAM 190-51 for more information and a thorough walk-through on the use of the DA 7278.


Download DA Form 7278-r Risk Level Worksheet

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DA Form 7278 Instructions

  1. Identify the unit or organization to which the asset belongs and the inspectable area in which the asset is located. Enter this information into the corresponding lines in the top field of the form.
  2. A separate DA 7278 must be made for each asset.
  3. Enter your name and fill in the date on which the analysis is being performed.
  4. Identify the asset you are calculating the risk for by briefly describing it and assigning an asset category. If the asset falls into more than one category, use the one you believe best describes it.
  5. See DA PAM 190-51 for information about the categories.
  6. Determine asset value, calculate its sum and fill it in the corresponding box.
  7. Determine the likelihood factors for each type of aggressor or offense by rating it in each of the boxes.
  8. Calculate the risk value for each of the two main groups (criminals and terrorists) based on the asset value rating entered in Step 5.

How Many Steps Are Included on DA Form 7278-R?

The DA Form 7278-R requires six steps: unit identification, asset identification, determining asset value, determining the likelihood of aggression and defining protective measures after the form is filled and the risks are calculated.

Refer to AR 190-11 or AR 190-5 for more information and protective measures.

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