Non-disclosure Agreement Template - Colorado

Non-disclosure Agreement Template - Colorado

Colorado Non-Disclosure Agreement: What is it?

If you are an owner of confidential information and you want to make sure the person or organization you disclosed it to does not share it with any third party, be it their close friend or your market rival, you need to prepare and sign a Colorado Non-Disclosure Agreement . This document will describe the obligation of the individual or entity that received the proprietary information not to disclose it with anyone else - this way, you can know the list of your customers, original trade secrets and inventions, and internal documentation of your business are safe.

Below you can download a customizable Colorado Non-Disclosure Agreement Template.


Colorado NDA: How to Make?

While it is possible to insert a confidentiality provision in another document which is done often when the employee leaves the company they worked for or the contractor is no longer bound by the terms of the agreement signed with the client, it is advised to compose a separate contract to be able to describe the details of the agreement in detail. Follow these steps to draft an effective Colorado NDA that will include all the essential elements to be deemed legally binding by authorities and courts:

  1. Enter the names and addresses of the parties - the disclosing party and the recipient.
  2. List the details covered by this contract . It is also necessary to mention the information excluded from the agreement - for instance, the details that become public knowledge through no fault of the recipient are no longer considered confidential. You may elaborate on the professional relationship you have shared or continue to share - in many cases, an employer and an employee work together developing new marketing strategies or manufacturing procedures the latter must keep secret from all third parties interested in them.
  3. Indicate the timeframe of the confidentiality - most agreements of this kind expire within 5 or 10 years but you may negotiate a shorter or longer duration or even state the confidentiality is indefinite.
  4. Record the obligation of the person or company that received confidential information not to be employed or collaborate with your competitors or work in the same industry or location that you do if you believe a non-compete clause is necessary to protect your rights.
  5. Sign the papers before a notary public to verify the identities of the parties.

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