Kitchen Inventory Template - Three Tables

Kitchen Inventory Template - Three Tables

What Is Kitchen Inventory?

A Kitchen Inventory refers to a detailed list of products and supplementary items stored in a kitchen.

Alternate Names:

  • Kitchen Inventory Spreadsheet;
  • Kitchen Inventory List;
  • Kitchen Inventory Sheet.

Whether you are in charge of a restaurant kitchen or your goal is to make sure your family always has enough food while you reduce household expenses, this instrument will be useful for you. Restaurant managers and homeowners alike will benefit from this tool they can regularly update keeping a printed-out inventory and a digital copy distributed among the people responsible for resupplying.

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How to Inventory Your Kitchen?

Follow these guidelines to manage the inventory in your kitchen and create a Kitchen Inventory List:

  1. Decide how many individuals will monitor the inventory and think about the schedule suitable for your needs . It is a more informal obligation if you are taking care of your house but the kitchen of the restaurant or shared office space needs a different approach - it will be smart to delegate certain responsibilities to other people familiar with the kitchen. In most cases, it is enough to evaluate the food you have available once a week, determine whether it is worth it to restock, and update the list of items at your disposal. Nevertheless, if your food supplier delivers the ingredients you have ordered more often, you may be obliged to modify the inventory on a daily basis.
  2. Examine the contents of your kitchen - the stockroom and the refrigerator - and choose a solution for the most effective storage . It is possible you will install additional shelves in the pantry or purchase containers to sort different items. Get the labels and tags to remind yourself and other people that use the kitchen what objects can be found in a particular place.
  3. Separate the sheet into the categories - pantry, fridge, and freezer . Make sure every storage place contains appropriate items - if you are not sure where to keep different products, you can usually find the information on the package. The contents of the Kitchen Inventory Spreadsheet depend on your wishes - a simple document may only point out the name of the item, the quantity in stock, and the date the product expires. Be consistent with the measurements and enter remarks in case they are necessary.
  4. Do not neglect the tools and supplies that help you cook - without them, no kitchen is complete . It is the duty of the home cook or restaurant supervisor to acquire a knife sharpener to improve culinary cutting, measuring cups and spoons of different sizes to calculate the amount of ingredients for a specific dish, utensils to facilitate the process of cooking, and appliances like blender and scales. Besides, every kitchen should be regularly cleaned - consider how many cloths, tissues, and cleaning agents you will require every week or month. You may prepare a supplementary list to keep track of the aforementioned items and purchase replacements when some of them are used or irreparably broken.

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