Free Business Inventory Templates

What Is Business Inventory?

A Business Inventory is a record of such assets that exist and are owned by a company. A company must maintain an inventory list in order to determine if the goods it have acquired are all still there, remain in good functioning order or if they have reached the point when repair procedures are required.

Alternate Names:

  • Small Business Inventory;
  • Business Inventory Spreadsheet.

This document may be helpful in a variety of contexts, depending on the purpose which the company is trying it to fulfill. There are many different sorts of organizations in existence, specializing in different spheres and being of different sizes. This may impact the type of inventory you use for example you may use an inventory template for small business if your organization is not too big and your inventory numbers are low. However, despite having a variety of forms, they all serve the following purposes:

  • A record of machinery, equipment, supplies as well as other goods that are located within a company. This also includes their numbers;
  • A record of company assets, their present state as well as the repairs required to ensure that they continue functioning effectively and can be used as and when required;
  • A record of the specific location of each item.

For a full list of Business Inventory templates please feel free to check out our library below.

Business Inventory Template Types

  • A Product Inventory Template is employed to keep track of data regarding the number of products available within a business along with other goods that an organization uses. The specific product, an identification number, a brief summary, the supplier, the location of the product, the number of products, and their price should all be included.
  • A Supply Inventory Template is essential in precisely and effectively managing the supply inventory across the whole workplace. To minimize the chances of a shortfall or upsetting business operations, the management team must keep records of and organize the goods in the inventory;
  • An Equipment Inventory Template helps businesses to keep track of the condition of equipment that is crucial to the operation of an organization. It is also useful in tracking the price and quantity of specific equipment;
  • An Inventory Report Template lists the goods or other products that can be utilized for a set amount of time. Inventories might include the inspection of the goods required for constructing things, or they can include finished goods that are ready for sale;
  • A Chemical Inventory Template is used to record information about any chemicals that a specific workplace or school possesses. Any companies involved in the production, distribution, and trade of chemicals, as well as schools and colleges with laboratories, must adhere to requirements about precautionary measures to treat the chemicals they possess with great care and ensure that everything is monitored;
  • A Computer Inventory Template is used to record information about each computer, including its brand, type, identification number, operating system, processors used, condition and care for the computer;
  • An Inventory Checklist template is a summary of the products that are kept in a particular location or division of a corporation. It aids in structured monitoring and control of the products. Because every product inside the inventory is included, this template can be utilized for carrying out an inspection;
  • A Data Inventory Template can be used to store information about the types of data stored within a company and the exact place it can be found.

How to Do Inventory for a Small Business?

If your business is not too large, you will most likely have a much smaller inventory. This means that you may benefit from a small business inventory spreadsheet as a way to keep and record inventory. It is free and once you set it up, you can simply make edits to update the spreadsheet, unlike specialized systems which are better for bigger businesses and are very expensive.

Regardless of the type of business you own, follow the steps below to create a successful inventory:

  • Start by creating a table and adding columns that will contain information concerning particular stock, the numbers and measurements, price per item, the location of this item, and the total cost;
  • Note down all available stock and we would recommend grouping specific products that are similar or that may need to be used together;
  • Write down the price of all individual goods. This will tell you the cost of goods in addition to the price it would cost to restock a particular item;
  • Rely on a team to manage the inventory – but note that whilst it is more efficient to have the same individual manage over time leading to a boost in their ability to see patterns or inconsistencies, it may so happen that theft can occur when only a few individuals are given such powers.

Why is Inventory Important in Business?

The processes and systems of almost all businesses depend heavily on inventory. The amount of inventory a company has is listed as an asset. Businesses that keep inventory must be aware of the amount they possess and what it is valued at, at any given time in addition to the location of this item.

Organizations are able to effectively organize their budgets thanks to this information about their inventory. It is no good wasting time, money, and effort trying to sell something if it turns out that this product is simply nonexistent. With an inventory, such situations can be easily avoided and stocks replenished as required.

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This document is a template for tracking the inventory of items in a refrigerator. It can be used to keep track of items stored, expiration dates, and quantities.

This document is a pre-made template for tracking and managing restaurant inventory. It helps to keep track of the stock levels and organize the items in a restaurant.

This document is a template for keeping track of the inventory in your freezer. It has a yellow color scheme.

This document provides inventory templates to help you keep track of the items in your pantry, freezer, and fridge. It can help you stay organized and avoid wasting food.

This document provides a freezer inventory spreadsheet template. It is created by the University of Minnesota in Minnesota.

This type of document is a template for keeping track of items in your freezer. It is designed with a blue and white color scheme.

An individual may use this type of template to track the number of items and goods that their business offers.

This document is an Airbnb Inventory Checklist Template. It helps hosts keep track of the items in their rental property and ensures that everything is in place for guests.

This type of template can be used by a company to name and describe the assets it has.

This template is a comprehensive list of all the beverages, snacks, and supplies a bar needs to function without interruption.

This type of template can be used as an itemized spreadsheet to list all the chemical compounds and mixtures stored in a particular facility.

This template can be used to maintain a business store's computer inventory levels by making sure that they are balanced and that there is no deficit of product.

This document template helps you keep track of your data inventory.

This type of template can be implemented by businesses to keep track of the equipment that is on hand for various jobs.

This template is a record of goods or food supplies that are typically maintained by companies that deal with food.

An individual or company may use this type of template as a complete list of various food preserved in a frozen state in a freezer.

This document is for keeping track of the items included in a furnished rental property. It specifies the inventory of furniture, appliances, and other items provided to tenants.

This type of template can be used as a standard operating procedure that consists of keeping track of the stock an organization owns, counting it, and recording the collected data for future analysis and management.

This document is a template for creating an inventory report. It provides a structured format for listing and tracking items in stock. Use this template to efficiently manage inventory and monitor stock levels.

An individual can use this type of template to manage the supply of medicine and medical supplies they wish to keep track of.

This document is a rental property inventory checklist template in table format. It helps landlords or property owners to systematically record the condition and contents of their rental property.

This template refers to a comprehensive list of all the items and ingredients required to ensure the continuous operation of an establishment that serves food and drinks to its clients.

This type of template refers to a process of analyzing and documenting goods an organization has at its disposal, usually at a warehouse the company owns or rents.

An individual or company may use this type of template to monitor the performance and condition of company machines, instruments, and other important materials.

This document is used for keeping track of medical supplies available in a healthcare facility. It helps ensure that all necessary supplies are stocked and easily accessible.

This document is a template for tracking and managing inventory of medical supplies. It helps medical facilities keep track of their stock and ensure they have the necessary supplies on hand.

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