Equipment Inventory Template - Small Table

Equipment Inventory Template - Small Table

What Is Equipment Inventory?

An Equipment Inventory is implemented by businesses to keep track of the equipment that is on hand for various jobs. Keeping an inventory of your equipment is essential regardless of whether you run a business selling building supplies, an office, or even a medical clinic. As long as your business has equipment, you will need to create and monitor the inventory equipment to ensure that everything is as it should be.

Alternate Names:

  • Equipment Inventory Spreadsheet;
  • Equipment Inventory List.

Therefore, it is crucial to create a checklist that acts as a means to verify the details, the consumption, as well as the whereabouts of every item or piece of apparatus that may be required for manufacturing, particularly if a business wants to maintain control of its inventory. This will especially concern equipment that is employed in the manufacturing process.

You would start off by simply inserting information about every piece of apparatus into a document - that is all that would be required. You may include additional categories to the inventory and if there are several locations or stores under your management, it may be more convenient to keep track of these locations all in one document, under different tabs.

Using a personalized template that can be modified to meet the specific demands of your company will help you enhance the way in which you maintain equipment.

An Equipment Inventory template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Keep Track of Equipment Inventory?

The simplest way to keep track of Equipment Inventory is by using a template which can be modified. This will allow you to make the necessary edits as and when required in real-time. However, this format will only work well if it is done on a regular basis at specific intervals. We have made a note of some of the top tips and hints which will help you track your inventory:

  • Decide who will be in charge of managing the inventories;
  • You may wish to employ someone full-time to look after and maintain your inventory. This is particularly useful if your organization manages a substantial amount of stock made up of a large variety of different supplies;
  • If you do not have too much stock and your business is smaller, you can delegate this responsibility to another individual within your organization;
  • Regularly review the inventory - otherwise it will not work;
  • Stock monitoring is not a "create it and move on from it" type of system. You need to evaluate your inventory on a constant basis, making sure that this becomes part of a routine. This will not only help you to monitor things more closely, but it will help eliminate any inconsistencies and overall can improve your system;
  • Ensure that you provide lots of detail when entering a specific piece of equipment into the inventory. Any individual should be able to glance at the document and understand what piece of equipment you have, the exact numbers, and the location of the item.

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