Chemical Inventory Template

Chemical Inventory Template

What Is a Chemical Inventory?

A Chemical Inventory refers to an itemized spreadsheet created to list all the chemical compounds and mixtures stored in a particular facility.

Alternate Name:

  • Chemical Inventory List.

The main goal of this tool whether you are working in a high school or a research laboratory is to guarantee the safety of all individuals and the preservation of the property - both may be at risk which is why it is crucial to safely handle the chemicals and their combinations, label the containers correctly, and restrict people's access to these products.

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How to Make a Chemical Inventory List?

Here are several tips that will let you organize your laboratory and compose a Chemical Inventory List:

  1. Prepare a set of rules personnel responsible for keeping the facility safe is supposed to follow whether these regulations apply to the chemical storage or all operations that take place in a particular area . Make sure you introduce all the people that work in the laboratory to the safety standards and proper Chemical Inventory management - for instance, remind the employees which chemicals have to be stored in closed cabinets and freezers.
  2. Examine the laboratory and write down the findings in a spreadsheet - you should include the name of the chemical, briefly mention its hazardous properties, describe the physical state of the chemical, and record the quantity of the item. Indicate the location of the chemical - the department, building, room, shelf, and a box or container it is currently kept in. Help the employees in charge of the storage to navigate the place quicker by drawing and attaching a site plan which will come in handy in the event of an emergency. Use abbreviations to specify the units of measurement - you may draft a short note that lists all the shorter versions of longer words for reference.
  3. Consider making a separate Hazardous Chemical Inventory - a list of all the compounds and substances that pose a significant risk to everyone exposed to them. This document must be your priority if the laboratory stores different types of chemicals - record the formal name of the product or mixture, elaborate on the health issues this item may lead to, enter the date the product arrived at your facility, identify the type of storage you use for the chemical in question, and point out the mandatory storage conditions.
  4. Maintain two copies of the Chemical Inventory List - an electronic spreadsheet and a printed-out version. While the former will be easy to update and send to all employees that have access to the contents of the chemical laboratory the latter can be split into numerous files that can be easily located next to the items they describe. It may be necessary to determine which rooms or boxes are not available to certain employees - in case you are protecting sensitive information, the location of some compounds can be disclosed to a selected few laboratory technicians.

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