Food Inventory Template - Table

Food Inventory Template - Table

What Is Food Inventory?

Food Inventory is a record of goods or food supply which is typically maintained by companies that deal with food.

Alternate Names:

  • Food Inventory Spreadsheet;
  • Food Storage Inventory Sheet.

The control of inventory food is the activity of keeping a record of these frequently perishable goods in order to avoid loss, gauge profit, and calculate food expenses. It also aids in underpinning the purposes of products and financial resources within an organization.

It's important to keep watch on the factors influencing these figures. For instance, it should be obvious whether stock losses were due to stealing, staff lunches, worker errors, or spills. To better comprehend food inventory control, think about creating a food logbook. You ought to be capable of drafting up a representation of the profits and losses for a specific time period where you can specifically pinpoint where all of the products are going and why.

A Food Inventory template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Do Food Inventory?

You might take stock in a particular way based on the numbers and kind of business you have. There are 6 suggested standard inventory steps that need to be taken which can be found listed below:

  • Start by forming a table. Make a table with five columns and label each column with the specific stock, the measurements, the number, price per unit and overall cost so that you can record the information later on;
  • Start by listing all of the available stock - list each product in the table on a separate row. Consider grouping related products together, like all of the meats to optimize the process;
  • By using an appropriate unit of measurement, note the quantity of each product. For liquids, it may be easier to keep a record of liters, whilst some foods may be easier to record in pounds. This will all depend on the type of product and the numbers;
  • Note the cost of every single product. The amount you paid for a specific item is what you should utilize. This will help clarify the cost of the products as well as provide you information about how much it would cost to restock an item.

There are some additional tips which will help ensure that your Food Inventory is always consistent and is run smoothly:

  • Count on the same team to handle the inventory - the efficiency of having the same staff track inventory repeatedly increases along with their capacity to identify patterns or discrepancies, but there is always the risk of theft if a small number of employees are accountable;
  • Have a schedule in place which will help know when best to carry out Food Inventory;
  • You must keep records of how much product was discarded or which products went bad in a separate sheet. You can find solutions to minimize the loss by keeping an eye on where the food ends up and why. To identify areas where you may grow as a business and make savings, you should keep a log of food waste.

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