Airbnb Inventory Checklist Template

Airbnb Inventory Checklist Template

Airbnb Inventory Checklist: What Is It?

An Airbnb Inventory Checklist includes everything a visitor to an Airbnb would desire in a property. This may well depend on the price of the house as well as the demographics that use the property and as a result, the inventory requirements will fluctuate quite often. Such an extensive list might aid management in understanding the quality of customer service that they wish to offer. It includes everything from basic requirements like toilet rolls and shower gel to luxuries like disposable cosmetics and bathrobes.

To maintain a positive customer experience, the inventory must be taken into account after every customer’s visit. If you have a fixed group that cleans your properties, you could give them the responsibility of maintaining the inventory as knowing the number of tissues and toilet rolls available for example, will aid the successful management of the inventory.

To prevent visitors from excessively using items or taking specific items when they leave, it would be a wise decision to limit access to such items. This is also a great strategy as it will not require a separate person to recount the items after each visit.

To make the inventory easier to work with, the items listed are broken down room by room. If you allow children and/or pets in your property, be sure that you have some items appropriate for them in order to leave an extra special impression on your customers.

An Airbnb Inventory Checklist template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

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