Against Medical Advice Form (Ama Form)

Against Medical Advice Form (Ama Form)

Against Medical Advice Form: What Is It?

An Against Medical Advice Form is a formal tool signed by a patient that wants to be released from a medical institution even though their health may worsen without admission or treatment.

Alternate Names:

  • AMA Form;

  • AMA Medical Form;

  • AMA Release Form.

This is an essential instrument used by medical facilities that need to make sure their patients understand the implications of their choice to discontinue their treatment or refuse to undergo a medical procedure - whether the individual in question is dissatisfied with the quality of services they received, they changed their mind about the proposed way to recover from the illness or injury, or they cannot afford to stay at the hospital due to personal issues or medical expenses they are unable to handle, it is their right to leave the healthcare institution at any time.

An AMA Form template can be downloaded below.


What Happens If You Leave Against Medical Advice?

Once you announce you want to get discharged from the hospital against medical advice given by one or several doctors, it is likely the clinic administrator or doctor that oversees your discharge will offer you to talk about it and later sign a document that confirms you decided to leave of your own accord.

Unless you are suffering from a mental health condition that makes you dangerous to other people around you or the doctor believes you may harm yourself, there should be no difficulties when it comes to the discharge process. Here is what a patient can expect when telling their healthcare provider about the voluntary discharge:

  1. It is advised to talk to the physician and explain why you are leaving . While you are not obliged to share deeply personal concerns that prevent you from seeking treatment immediately, it is possible certain matters can be resolved even if you do not see how it can be achieved. Discuss the upcoming release with the doctor and be frank about the reasons that helped you determine this is the best choice for you.

  2. Listen to the doctor when they explain all the benefits and risks of the different options at hand . For instance, they may propose to reschedule a certain procedure or offer an alternative treatment - be open-minded and try to reach a compromise in your best interest. Physicians frequently give advice and recommendations patients can follow in the comfort of their homes - you should write down what they tell you or accept a note with the doctor's instructions at the very least.

  3. Doctors and other hospital employees ask the patient to read and sign an AMA Release Form before the latter is gone . This document states that the patient acknowledged a potential or verified existence of a medical issue that demands treatment or further analysis yet they prefer to leave the hospital on their own initiative without any assistance or procedures. The form has to be dated and signed by the patient or their authorized representative (parents and legal guardians sign the papers for minors).

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