Five Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate Premises Form - Milwaukee County, Wisconsin


Notice to Quit
or Pay Rent
Five Day
Current occupant /
5 Day Notice Wis Statues §704.17 (1) or (2)(a)
Et Al
State of Wisconsin
Milwaukee County
This notice terminates your tenancy and requires you to remove from the premises described in this notice on
or before _________________________________ unless you pay the unpaid rent of
plus late fees which was due on _________________________________ Description of premises:
Dated At ________________________ this ______Day of _________,20____
Credit reporting. We report delinquent accounts to credit bureaus which may affect your ability to obtain
credit and or your ability to rent in the future.
Double Rent. Wisconsin law §704.27 provides that an owner can recover a minimum of twice the daily
rent amount for the time the tenant remains in possession of the unit after expiration of this notice.
Skipping out. is against the law in Wisconsin. Statute 943.215: "Absconding without paying rent. (1)
Whoever having obtained the tenancy, as defined in s. 704.01 (4) of residential property he or she is
entitled to occupy, intentionally absconds without paying all current and past due rent is guilty of a
Class A misdemeanor."
Milwaukee Code of Ordinances 106-41: "1. FRAUD PROHIBITED. No person shall intentionally
abscond without paying rent that has been contractually agreed upon in a written rental agreement
with a landlord." and "4. PENALTY. Persons violating this section shall, upon conviction, forfeit not
less than $250 nor more than $1,000 plus prosecution cost, or, in default of payment,may be
imprisoned for not more than 40 days. In addition, the court may order such person to make full or
partial restitution.

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