Application Form for Veteran's Preference - Niceville, Florida


The City of Niceville, in accordance with Florida Statutes dealing with Veteran’s Preference, provides preference in employment and
retention to those veterans who were honorably discharged who fall in categories 1 or 4 or to the spouses of veterans who fall in
categories 2, 3 or 5 as identified below:
1) Honorably discharged disabled Veteran who has a service-connected, compensable disability;
2) The spouse of a totally disabled Veteran, who because of this disability cannot qualify for employment;
3) The spouse of any person missing in action, captured in the line of duty or forcibly detained;
4) A Veteran of any war who served on active duty during a wartime era.
“Wartime Era” includes:
( a) Spanish-American War: April 21, 1898, to July 4, 1902, and including the Philippine
Insurrection and the Boxer Rebellion;
(b) Mexican Border Period: May 9, 1916, to April 5, 1917, in the case of a veteran who
during such period served in Mexico, on the borders thereof, or in the waters adjacent
( c) World War I: April 6, 1917, to November 11, 1918; extended to April 1, 1920, for those
veterans who served in Russia; also extended through July 1, 1921, for those veterans
who served after November 11, 1918, and before July 2, 1921, provided such veterans
had at least (1) day of service between April 5, 1917, and November 12, 1918;
(d) World War II: December 7, 1941, to December 31, 1946;
(e) Korean Conflict: June 27, 1950, to January 31, 1955;
(f) Vietnam Era: August 5, 1964, to May 7, 1975;
(g) Gulf War: August 2, 1990 to December 1991;
(h) Operation Iraqi Freedom: March 12, 2003 to “such date as may be prescribed by Presidential proclamation or
by law.”
(5) The unremarried widow or widower of a Veteran who died of a service connected disability.
The applicant must have served at least 1 day during wartime period to be eligible for veteran’s preference.
Should you qualify for the preference under any category and wish to assert it, please complete the attached sheet along with your
application. Documentation (DD214) substantiating your claim MUST BE FURNISHED AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION
TO BE ELIGIBLE. If claiming preference due to disability, a letter that is less than one year old from the Veteran’s
Administration stating disability percentage must be submitted in addition to the DD214.
If you qualify for the Veteran’s Preference, the City will give you special consideration at each step of the employment selection
process. For positions where a scored exam is the sole employment criteria, applicants qualifying under categories 1, 2, or 3, and
passing the exam, shall be given a 10% increase in their score. If the applicant qualifies under categories 4 or 5 and passes the exam,
5% will be added to his or her passing score. Note: Chapter 295, Florida Statutes, excludes non-disabled retired military persons from
veteran’s preference points. For other positions, the City shall give preference to and shall hire a person entitled to Veteran’s
Preference ahead of other equally qualified applicants.
Should the position for which you are applying be filled by someone who does not qualify for Veteran’s Preference and should you feel
that proper consideration of the Veteran’s Preference law has not been provided to you by the City or that the City has not complied
with the Veteran’s Preference rules, please notify the City of your concerns at the Administrative Building, Human Resource Office
(850) 729-4008.
You also have the right to initiate an investigation by the Florida Division of Veteran’s Affairs. You may do so by notifying the State
of Florida, Department of Administration, Division of Veteran’s Affairs, P. O. Box 1437, St. Petersburg, FL 33731 within 21 calendar
days from the date you received notice that you were not selected for the position.

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