DA Form 1559 Inspector General Action Request

DA Form 1559 Inspector General Action Request

What Is DA Form 1559?

DA Form 1559, Inspector General Action Request , is a form used by the Department of Defense (DoD) civilian employees and soldiers for presenting complaints, grievances, or requests for assistance. These complaints may cover what the requester believes to be evidence of fraud, waste, or abuse. The form assists Inspectors General (IG) in securing sufficient information about the case and taking the actions required to correct any deficiencies or shortcomings.

All soldiers and civilian employees working for the DoD have the right to present complaints and address concerns related to their duties to the IG for further investigation. Service members are encouraged but are not required to present their concerns to their chain of command before filing and submitting an IG Action Request.

The latest version of the form - sometimes incorrectly referred to as DD Form 1559 - was released by the U.S. Department of the Army (DA) on April 1, 2021 . An up-to-date DA Form 1559 fillable version is available for download below. DD Form 2949, Joint Inspector General Action Request, is a related form used for responding to complaints and requests for assistance, advice, and information.


How to Fill Out DA Form 1559?

An overview of the form and filing guidelines can be found in the Army Regulation 20-1, Inspector General Activities and Procedures. DA Form 1559 instructions are as follows:

  1. The form is filed either by the complainant personally or by the IG.
  2. The top line of the form requires the complainant's personal identifying information. This includes their full name, grade or rank, their DoD ID number along with their component and status.
  3. The next line requires the complainant's unit, the unit's full address, and a preferred contact phone number (a personal cell phone number, home phone, or a contact number at the current place of duty).
  4. The complainant has to provide their preferred mailing address (a military address or home address) and e-mail.
  5. The next box (Item 9) requires a description of the specific action that the complainant would like to request from the IG.
  6. Item 10 is for the background information on the case and the list of all supporting documentation attached to the form. The complainant may additional sheets if the space provided on DA Form 1559 is not enough to describe the issue in full.
  7. The next two boxes are for the complainant's consent to the release of their private information and the attached documentation to the IG. Consent is voluntary, but refusal can lead to delays or make the issue unresolvable.
  8. To initiate the investigation, the complainant must sign and date the form and submit it to the IG for processing.

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