DD Form 180 Item Name Collaboration Action Request

DD Form 180 Item Name Collaboration Action Request

What Is DD Form 180?

DD Form 180, Item Name Collaboration Action Request, is a form used for creating a nomenclature of items so that units, groups, sets, systems, assemblies, attachments, and accessories all use the same approved item names and type designations. In cases when the H6 Item Name Directory does not provide adequately item names, the form helps to identify new items and explain why they are necessary both technically and procedurally.

The majority of the form sections and boxes are written in English with several additional lines in French. DD Form 180 - alternately called the "Demande Concernant Les Denominations D'article" - is listed with two additional form numbers:

  • NATO Form AC-135 No. 28A;
  • Imprime modele OTAN ACI135 No. 28A.

The most recent edition of the form was released by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) on October 1, 2010. The latest DD Form 180 fillable version is available for digital filing and download below or can be found through the Executive Services Directorate website.


How to Fill Out DD Form 180?

The form is made up of a single page with no filing guidelines provided by the DoD. DD Form 180 instructions are as follows.

  1. The three top lines of the form require the date of filing, the reference code, and INC.
  2. The left column describes the proposed action with several boxes to choose from. Each marked box requires an explanation in the column to the right. The far-right column is for the NATO Supply Class (NSC) and Federal Supply Class (FSC) codes as stated.
  3. It is necessary to provide the suggested name of the item and identify if the item name is added or revised. The approved item names may either be "colloquial," "canceled," or "canceled and replaced." The applicant may also file for an FSC action. Not all boxes are applicable to every case.
  4. The applicant should provide the information about the basic name of the item, the Manpower Change Request (MCR) action, specify reply codes, and provide an explanation for the codes in the next several lines in the middle column.
  5. Additional details about the item are provided in the section labeled "Justification" and will be used to support the request.
  6. The "Comments" section must include the name and contact information of the individual submitting the form.
  7. The last line of the DD 180 is for recording the total number of pages used within a single request. The completed form is sent to the Defense Logistics Information Service for approval.

Download DD Form 180 Item Name Collaboration Action Request

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