Form VR-005 Application for Certificate of Title - Maryland

Form VR-005 Application for Certificate of Title - Maryland

What Is Form VR-005?

Form VR-005, Application for Certificate of Title , is a legal document filled out by Maryland vehicle owners to obtain a new certificate of title. To title and register your vehicle, you need to submit this application, certificate of origin, bill of sale, and odometer disclosure statement to the local Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) office.

Alternate Name:

  • Maryland Vehicle Registration Form

This form was released by the MVA , a component of the Maryland Department of Transportation . The latest version of the form was issued on April 1, 2021 , with all previous editions obsolete. A fillable VR-005 Form is available for download below.


Maryland Vehicle Registration Instructions

Provide the following information when completing Form VR-005:

  1. State your email address or telephone number so that the MVA could contact you for any questions regarding your application;
  2. Write down your full name, driver's license number, date of birth, and address. If the vehicle has two owners, provide the same details for the co-applicant;
  3. If you apply for the title as a business, enter its federal employer identification number and check the type of business entity. Attach a photocopy of the business license to the application;
  4. Describe the vehicle - whether it is new or used. Indicate its model year, make, model, body style, identification number, type of fuel, number of cylinders, motor carrier number, and unit number. You are also required to record the key characteristics of your vehicle - for instance, the number of seats for the bus;
  5. If your vehicle is subject to any encumbrances or liens, provide the name and address of the secured party, add the kind, date, and amount of the lien;
  6. Indicate the purchase information for tax purposes. State the full purchase price and attach a notarized bill of sale if the vehicle was recently purchased from a private party. If you bought your car from a dealership, a dealer's certification is required;
  7. If you qualify for an excise tax in Maryland, state how long you have been a Maryland resident, when you last registered this vehicle, and how much tax you have paid. Check the box if you are active duty military;
  8. State the current odometer reading of the vehicle or record the odometer discrepancy;
  9. Apply for new registration plates or transfer of tags. You may check the appropriate box to apply for the title only. Indicate the class of tags you want or provide the tag and sticker numbers if you transfer plates;
  10. Indicate the name of your insurance company and the insurance policy number;
  11. Certify the information in the form is true and correct and sign the form.

The second page of the form contains more information about documents required to title and register a vehicle, excise tax, and fees.

How Much Is Vehicle Registration in Maryland?

Maryland vehicle registration fees depend on the classification and weight of your car. The fees below include the early surcharge for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system:

  • Passenger cars and multi-purpose vehicles, weight up to 3,700 lbs. - $135;
  • Passenger cars and multi-purpose vehicles, weight over 3,700 lbs. - $187;
  • Passenger vehicles for hire - $334;
  • Ambulances and funeral vehicles - $234;
  • Motorcycles and low-speed vehicles - $104;
  • Historic and street rod vehicles - $51;
  • Limousines - $404.

How Long Is Maryland Vehicle Registration Good For?

Maryland Vehicle Registration expires every two years. The MVA will mail you a renewal notice two months prior to the expiration date. Maryland Vehicle Registration Renewal does not entail any late fees; however, driving with an expired registration is illegal and you may be fined.

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