AMC Form 140 Space- Available Travel Request

AMC Form 140 Space- Available Travel Request

What Is AMC Form 140?

AMC Form 140, Space-Available Travel Request , is an application completed by service members, retirees, and their close relatives to obtain permission to board Space-Available (also known as Space-A) flights to travel the United States and the world at a low price or for free. As long as you can show your eligibility in the request, you can get access to military flights that are on a mission. This kind of transportation is not available in connection with any commercial activity, and you cannot benefit from these flights for personal gain.

This form was released by the U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command on August 20, 2018 , with all previous editions obsolete. Download an AMC Form 140 fillable version through the link below.


AMC Form 140 Instructions

Here is how you fill out a Space-Available Travel Request:

  1. Indicate your rank or grade, full name, and the number of the seats you require.
  2. State the type of travel. You can choose one of six categories - it depends on the nature of your leave. It is also possible to request a flight for your unaccompanied dependents.
  3. If your travel is overseas, confirm that your border clearance documents are current.
  4. Check the appropriate box to indicate your type of service.
  5. Write down the beginning and end dates of your leave if you are on active duty.
  6. Enter your countries of choice - you can sign up for up to five destinations.
  7. List dependents who will travel and record their types of passports.

Once the form is completed, you need to email it to the Air Mobility Command passenger terminal closest to you or the one at the location you wish to depart from. Additionally, you can ask the terminal representatives about the type of identification required for travel and baggage allowance.

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