Recycling Process Templates

Are you interested in learning about the recycling process and how recyclables are processed? Look no further! Our webpage provides detailed information about the recycling process, also known as processed recyclables. Discover the various methods used to recycle different materials, such as plastics, glass, and beverage containers. Learn about the bulk redemption program for beverage containers in New York, or how crushed glass is repurposed through beneficial use determination. Explore the steps involved in recycling plastics and the importance of proper sorting. If you're in Nevada or Utah, find out how materials recovery facilities and recycling facilities operate through their respective applications and annual reports. Join us in making a positive impact on the environment by understanding the recycling process and the value of processed recyclables.




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This Form is used for creating a material flowchart in California to track the movement and disposal of materials. It helps ensure proper waste management and sustainability practices in the state.

This form is used for the bulk redemption of more than 2,500 beverage containers in New York. It provides a streamlined process for recycling a large volume of containers.

This document is for making a Predetermined Beneficial Use Determination for processed recyclables like crushed glass in New York. It outlines the process and criteria for determining how these materials can be beneficially used in various applications.

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