Additional Taxes Templates

Are you facing additional taxes or tax additions on your qualified plans, tax-favored accounts, or even Medicare? Don't worry, we are here to help. Our collection of documents provides valuable information on additional taxes that may apply to various financial situations.

Whether you need to report additional taxes on qualified plans, including IRAs, or navigate the complexities of the additional Medicare tax, our collection of documents has got you covered. We offer IRS Form 5329, specially designed to help you calculate and report additional taxes on qualified plans, IRAs, and other tax-favored accounts.

For our Canadian customers, we also provide Form T1172, which addresses additional taxes on accumulated income payments from RESPs. Our collection not only includes the necessary forms but also provides detailed instructions to assist you in completing them accurately.

With our extensive collection of documents, you will have the necessary guidance to navigate the intricacies of additional taxes. Don't let additional taxes be a source of stress and confusion. Explore our comprehensive collection today and gain the knowledge you need to handle additional taxes with confidence.




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This is a fiscal document individual taxpayers need to prepare and file to demonstrate whether they need to pay the government penalties on education savings plans or retirement plans as well as a percentage of distributions they got throughout the tax year.

This Form is used for calculating and reporting additional tax on the severance of natural resources in the state of West Virginia. It provides instructions on how to properly fill out and file the form.

This form is used for submitting estimated tax payments for estate and additional taxes in the state of Ohio.

This document is a tax form used in Canada for non-resident corporations to report and calculate additional taxes for the 2017 and later tax years.

This is a supplementary document designed to allow taxpayers to list taxes they do not outline on the main income statement they are supposed to file annually.

This Form is used for calculating and reporting additional tax liabilities for banks and life insurers in Canada for the tax years starting in 2022 and onwards.

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