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When it comes to completing a project or terminating a business operation, having a clear and organized set of documents is crucial. These documents, often referred to as close out documents or close out forms, serve as a comprehensive record of all the necessary information and actions taken during the closing process. They help ensure that all requirements are met, all loose ends are tied up, and all necessary documentation is completed.

Close out documents can vary depending on the specific context and industry. For example, in the aviation industry, an Aircrew Summary/Close-Out Report is used to summarize the activities and outcomes of an aircrew mission. In education, a Cessation of Operations Affidavit may be required to officially close a licensed school.

Close out forms also exist in the realm of real estate and property management. These forms, such as the Facility Close-Out Form/Property Release Checklist, are used to document the release of property and terminate any licensing agreements or obligations.

Even financial matters are not exempt from the need for close out documentation. States like Nevada require a Sales and Use Tax Close out Form to ensure that all taxes have been properly accounted for and collected.

Regardless of the industry or purpose, close out documents play a vital role in ensuring that all necessary steps are taken to finalize a project or close a business operation. They provide a detailed record of actions, compliance, and any outstanding obligations. By keeping these documents in order, you can streamline the close out process, minimize potential issues, and maintain a clear audit trail for future reference.




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This form is used for summarizing and closing out aircrew actions and activities. It is used by Air Force personnel.

This form is used for licensed schools in Texas to officially declare the cessation of their operations and close-out process.

This form is used for facility close-out and property release or license termination in North Dakota. It is a checklist that helps ensure all necessary steps are taken for the closure of a facility or termination of a license.

This form is used for economic development close-out in the state of Missouri. It is used to document the final details and outcomes of an economic development project.

This form is used for closing out sales and use tax accounts in the state of Nevada. It helps businesses ensure that all tax obligations have been met and provides a record of the closure process.

This document is used for closing out a private career school in the state of New Jersey. It includes information and requirements for the closure process.

This document is a checklist used for closing out projects funded by the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. It ensures that all necessary steps and requirements have been completed and helps ensure compliance with program regulations.

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