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Are you or someone you know experiencing homelessness? Our website is here to provide resources and support for homeless individuals, ensuring that everyone has access to the help they need. We understand that finding assistance can be overwhelming, which is why we have gathered a collection of information and documents specifically tailored to address the needs of homeless individuals.

Our homeless individuals resource center offers a wide range of documents and forms to assist those in need. Whether you're looking for support in proving your homeless status, accessing shelters or transitional housing, or seeking assistance through government programs, we have the documents you need.

Our collection includes resources such as the Chronic Homelessness Self Declaration form from Georgia, which allows homeless individuals to self-identify their homeless status. This important document can help individuals qualify for various programs and services. Additionally, our Shelter Triage Form from North Dakota helps homeless individuals navigate the process of accessing shelter options specific to their needs.

We also provide resources for proving residency for homeless individuals, such as the Residency Documentation for Homeless Individuals document from Wisconsin. This form can be crucial in accessing services that require proof of residency, ensuring homeless individuals have access to vital resources.

Furthermore, our document collection includes intake forms for specific programs, like the Form IDVA-HDP-001 Intake Form from the Prince Homeless and Disabled Program in Illinois. This form assists eligible individuals in enrolling and accessing the program's specialized services and support.

Additionally, we offer resources related to coordinated entry systems and continuum of care coordination, such as the Coordinated Entry System Participation and Continuum of Care Coordination Form from the Homekey Round 3 program in California. This form helps homeless individuals connect with available housing and support services in their area.

At our homeless individuals resource center, we understand the unique challenges faced by homeless individuals and are committed to providing the necessary documents and information to help navigate these challenges. Our goal is to empower homeless individuals to access the support they need in a dignified and efficient manner.




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This document is for individuals in Georgia who are experiencing chronic homelessness to self-declare their status. It may be used as a form of verification for accessing certain resources and assistance programs.

This report provides an overview of the current state of homelessness in America, including statistics, trends, and challenges. It explores the causes of homelessness, the impact on individuals and communities, and potential solutions to address this issue.

This document is used for residency documentation for homeless individuals in the state of Wisconsin. It helps individuals without a permanent address establish their residency for certain services and benefits.

This Form is used for the Prince Homeless and Disabled Program in Illinois. It is an Intake Form for individuals seeking assistance from the program.

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