Veterinary Services Templates

At USA, Canada and other countries document knowledge system, we provide a comprehensive collection of documents related to veterinary services. Our extensive database includes forms, plans, records and permits necessary for the provision of high-quality veterinary care.

From the Kansas Veterinary Care Form in Kansas to the Veterinary Care Plan in New York, we have you covered with the essential paperwork required for maintaining the health and well-being of animals.

Our collection also includes important forms such as the VS Form 4-12 National Veterinary Services Laboratories Kit and Instrument Order Form, which facilities can use to order necessary equipment and supplies. Additionally, we offer the VS Form 4-33 Brucellosis Test Record, an essential document for monitoring and tracking the testing of animals for this infectious disease.

For those involved in international veterinary services, we have the VS Form 17-129 Application for Import or in Transit Permit. This document is crucial for ensuring the proper importation and transportation of animals across borders.

Whether you are a veterinary professional, animal care facility, or involved in international animal transportation, our collection of veterinary service documents is designed to meet your needs. Browse our extensive database to find the necessary paperwork for your specific requirements.




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This Form is used for gathering information and making referrals for military working dog veterinary services in the Department of Defense.

This document is a veterinary care plan specific to New York. It outlines the necessary medical treatments and services for your pet in accordance with the state's regulations and standards.

This document is for the accreditation of animal hospitals by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) in Kansas.

This form is used for creating an animal disposal plan. It provides a structured format to document the steps and procedures for the proper and humane disposal of animals.

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