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Welcome to our informative webpage dedicated to animal testing, also known as animal experimentation or vivisection. We understand that this topic can be controversial, but our goal is to provide accurate and reliable information about the practice, its regulations, and its importance in various scientific fields.

Animal testing plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and efficacy of medical treatments, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other consumer products. It involves using animals, such as mice, rabbits, and primates, in scientific experiments to gather data and make informed decisions regarding human health and well-being.

On this webpage, you'll find comprehensive resources that shed light on the various forms of animal testing, including tests for diseases like rabies, tuberculosis, and brucellosis, as well as specialized tests for specific animal species like horses. Our goal is to provide researchers, veterinarians, and regulatory agencies with the necessary tools and information to conduct these tests ethically and with utmost care for the animals involved.

We also aim to foster dialogue about the ethical implications of animal testing and the ongoing efforts to refine and reduce the use of animals in scientific experiments. Our webpage provides insights into alternative testing methods, such as in vitro models and computer simulations, that researchers are actively exploring to minimize the reliance on animal subjects.

Whether you are a scientist, a student, or simply interested in learning more about animal testing, we invite you to browse through our collection of informative documents. By understanding the regulatory frameworks, testing procedures, and ongoing advancements in this field, we can collectively work towards promoting animal welfare and scientific progress.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this webpage is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as an endorsement or condemnation of animal testing. It is essential to consult with experts and refer to relevant regulatory guidelines for specific testing requirements.




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This form is used for requesting a laboratory determination of rabies. It is used to collect and submit samples to a laboratory for testing and diagnosis of suspected rabies cases.

This document provides the necessary information and guidelines for reporting Sars-Cov-2 animal testing in British Columbia, Canada. It outlines the specific details and requirements for reporting and keeping track of this information.

This document is a continuation sheet for submitting equine import testing results through VS Form 17-31A. It provides additional space to include all the required information.

This form is used for submitting samples of potentially rabid animals for testing in New Brunswick, Canada. It is important to follow the instructions provided to ensure the proper collection and submission of the sample. This is essential for the prevention and control of rabies in the province.

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