Restitution Order Templates

Restitution Orders, also known as Restitution Order Forms, are legal documents that outline the financial obligations imposed on an offender to compensate their victims for losses or damages caused. These orders are designed to ensure justice and provide restitution to those who have suffered harm.

Restitution Orders serve as a legal mechanism for victims to seek compensation from offenders for the economic impact of their actions. These orders can be obtained through the judicial system and are typically issued in criminal cases. They may require the offender to pay a specific amount of money to the victim or the state, reflecting the value of the losses incurred.

Restitution Orders are crucial in holding offenders accountable and helping victims recover from the financial burden caused by the offense. By requiring offenders to pay restitution, these orders provide a form of redress that helps victims rebuild their lives.

Restitution Orders come in various forms across different jurisdictions. In California, for example, Form CR-110 (JV-790) is utilized to issue an Order for Victim Restitution. Maine uses Form MJ-014 to request a Restitution Order to be made a money judgment. South Carolina issues an Order of Restitution to the Office of the Attorney General Department of Crime Victim Compensation, as specified in Form SCCA/640. Additionally, Connecticut and Vermont have their own forms - Restitution Order in Connecticut and Form 400-00086 Restitution Judgment Order in Vermont.

If you or someone you know have been a victim of a crime and suffered losses, seeking a Restitution Order can be a crucial step towards ensuring justice and receiving the compensation you deserve. These orders can help victims recover financially and move forward with their lives. Reach out to the appropriate legal authorities in your jurisdiction to initiate the process of obtaining a Restitution Order.




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This Form is used for requesting an order for victim restitution in California. It is also known as Form CR-110 (JV-790).

This Form is used for requesting a restitution order to be converted into a money judgment in the state of Maine.

This form is used for filing a petition to enforce a restitution judgment order in the state of Vermont. It is used to take legal action to collect unpaid restitution.

This document is a form used in Kentucky for ordering a hardship driver's license if restitution is owed or if the offense is theft-related.

This document is a restitution order issued in the state of Connecticut. It is used to determine the amount of money or property that a person convicted of a crime must pay to the victim as compensation for their losses.

This document is used for obtaining a restitution judgment order in the state of Vermont. It is a legal form that outlines the amount of restitution to be paid by the defendant to the victim.

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