What Is a Customer Appreciation Letter? 

A Customer Appreciation Letter is an informal statement prepared by the business and sent to the client to show gratitude for the latter's long-time loyalty or the opportunity they have granted the organization recently and advertise the company.

Alternate Name: 

  • Letter of Customer Appreciation. 

It is relatively easy to compose a letter, personalize it to suit the needs of your organization, and strengthen the bond that exists between you and your customers. This way, you will increase the likelihood of the customer referral and will be able to grow your business by reputation alone. 

Customer Appreciation Letter Types 

No matter what Customer Appreciation Letter you select, try to include the name of the client at the very least to add a much-needed personal touch. A short message of gratitude for the months and years your client has been loyal to your company, a reference to a past event or a major milestone you may have shared together as a business and a customer, and a reminder to follow your social media and website in order to monitor all upcoming activities you have planned should be enough. Since it may be difficult to distribute dozens and hundreds of handwritten letters, send a copy of the letter via e-mail to make sure it reaches every client and they are able to read it and refer to it whenever convenient. 

  1. Generic Customer Appreciation Letter. You can fill out this template to reiterate the importance of the customer in question to your company - a document of this kind will be useful to a large corporation and a small local shop alike.
  2. Sample Customer Appreciation Letter. Use this template as a reference point if you need to thank your client for their contributions to your business, their trustworthiness and respect. 

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Sample "Customer Appreciation Letter"

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This letter will help you create a positive brand message for your business: use it to promote upcoming events or sales or thank your customers for their business.

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Letter of Appreciation Template Letters

"Customer Appreciation Letter Template"

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This is a letter that a business can use to express their gratitude to their clients and customers.

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Letter of Appreciation Template Letters