Free Child Accident Report Forms and Templates

A Child Accident Report Form is a written document composed by a teacher, supervisor, or director of a facility that provides care and education to children to record the events and developments that resulted in the child's injury or illness or could potentially have caused medical issues for the minor person.

Alternate Name: 

  • Child Incident Report. 

You need to inform the parents of the child about the event in question, explain what circumstances led to the accident, and assess the situation later to eliminate health and safety risks for the children you care for. 

Child Incident Report Types 

  • School Incident Report Form. It is essential to draft this Child Accident Report Form whether your students had an altercation on school grounds or a near-miss event took place. It will allow you to investigate the issue and avoid a repetition of another accident of this nature;
  • Childcare Accident Report Form. A childcare provider needs to prepare a brief report describing the issue that led to the injury or illness of the child they were entrusted to look after - you can notify the parents or legal guardians, detail the treatment the child received at the premises, and prevent similar problems in the future;
  • Daycare Incident Report Form. If you are working for a facility that offers care and supervision for multiple children, you may need to inform the local department of social services about the unfortunate accident you witnessed - alternatively, this information may be requested by the director who wants to implement new safety measures for all the children enrolled in your daycare center;
  • Student Accident Report Form. Whether it happens at school, college, or university, every incident that caused health issues for a student of any age must be properly documented - compose this report to figure out the background of the incident and assist the student if they need additional help.

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A caregiver may prepare this type of template to describe an unexpected event that led to an injury of a child or resulted in a near miss.

This is a very important document that details information regarding any incidents that occurred with a child during their stay at daycare.

A school employee may use this type of template to record the details of an incident or altercation involving a student to be able to handle prospective liability issues or address the inappropriate actions of the individuals involved.


A principal or teacher may use this type of template after an unfortunate event that took place on school grounds and led to the injury of the student.

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