School Incident Report Form

School Incident Report Form

School Incident Report Form: What Is it?

A School Incident Report is a written statement prepared by a school employee to record the details of the incident or altercation involving a student to be able to handle prospective liability issues or address the inappropriate actions of individuals involved. Whether your goal is to notify the parents of students about the unacceptable behavior demonstrated by their children on school property or you are preparing a report for local authorities like the board of education, it is necessary to document every incident as soon as possible in full detail.

You can download a School Incident Report template through the link below.


How to Write a School Incident Report?

Follow these steps to compose a School Incident Report Form:

  1. Include the name of the school and the precise location of the incident. Add the date and time the event took place and indicate the names of students involved. If alcohol, drugs, or weapons were brought to the school, the report should state this information right away.
  2. Describe the incident in 5-10 sentences. If there are too many details to mention, you can note that this is the beginning of the account and continue with the help of additional sheets.
  3. Explain what action was taken immediately at the scene and who was notified about what happened - the parents or guardians of students, law enforcement, or hospitals. Certify whether the student initially suspected of involvement acknowledged the existence of the report and ask them to sign it.
  4. Confirm the information put in writing is accurate to the best of your knowledge and sign the document.
  5. If the incident was not a brief physical or verbal altercation between students or a student and teacher but implied the use of prohibited substances or led to an injury, there should be a screening form attached to the report - ask the school doctor or nurse fill it out to elaborate on the physical condition of the person that suffered physical damage or is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. School Incident Report Forms can contain a checklist of potential health issues the student may deal with or simply request a brief description of their physical state in several sentences. The medical professional may also list recommendations for the parents of the student if the latter is allowed to go home right after the incident.

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