Daycare Incident Report Form

Daycare Incident Report Form

Daycare Incident Report Form: What Is it?

A Daycare Incident Report Form is a very important document that details information regarding any incidents that occurred with a child during their stay at daycare. Young children are always active, particularly when there are many of them all in one place. Because of this, occasional accidents are unfortunately inevitable and in these instances, a Daycare Incident Report should be filed.

The aim of the document seeks to provide as much information as possible about an incident which could then be presented to parents. Details should include a full description of the incident including:

  • When the incident occurred;
  • Where the incident occurred;
  • Who was with the child at the time;
  • Details of any witnesses who saw exactly what happened;
  • Complete description of what happened.

If a child experienced some injuries (no matter how big or small), details of this should also be provided along with information concerning any medical treatment that was given to the child. By producing and keeping such records it ensures that you maintain professionalism and although parents may raise some concerns about the incident, the trust barrier between the educational facility and the parents will not be broken. This way, all involved parties will be well informed about any incidents and will be kept up to date with all of the latest information. These factors are all crucial elements to running a successful daycare business.

A Daycare Incident Report template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

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