AF Form 1768 Staff Summary Sheet

AF Form 1768 Staff Summary Sheet

What Is AF Form 1768?

AF Form 1768, Staff Summary Sheet , is a legal document that introduces and summarizes the Air Force issues for various projects. The U.S. Air Force (AF) has put emphasis on the quality of written communications to ensure that the mission requirements are understood and complied with; moreover, clear and concise information saves time and money.

Alternate Names:

  • Air Force Staff Summary Sheet;
  • AF IMT 1768 Form.

The latest version of the form was issued on September 1, 1984 , with all previous editions obsolete. You can download a fillable AF Form 1768 through the link below.

It is possible to send a formal letter or compose a memorandum for the record, but one of the most frequently used formats is an Air Force Staff Summary Sheet. It provides senior personnel with a summary of key issues, describes potential problems, and recommends an appropriate course of action with background details attached.


How to Fill Out AF Form 1768?

Provide the following information on AF Form 1768:

  1. Name the staff members who must be briefed on the issue. Indicate the action to be taken - "COORD" (coordination), "APPR" (approval), "SIG" (signature), and "INFO" (information). Usually, the sheet only includes one "APPR" entry and one "SIG" entry. The personnel is required to state their last names and grades and then date the form.
  2. Record the last name and grade of the action officer and the standard office symbol. State the telephone number of the action officer, the initials of the individual who prepared the document, and the date when the issue is due to be resolved.
  3. Name the issue and add the date of signing. Describe the problem. State the purpose of the communication, pertinent background information, and organize the discussion necessary to justify the desired action. Explain the concerns of other individuals or units external to the staff and provide various alternative solutions to the problem. Write down the recommendation, including the actions necessary to implement it. You may state the recommendation in such a way that the senior official will only need to sign the document to approve, disapprove, or coordinate the action. The recommendation can be "None - for information purposes only". Make the AF 1768 factual and accurate, focus directly on an issue.
  4. Sign and date the form. It requires the signature of the originator - the action officer. List correspondence and documentation attached.

Download AF Form 1768 Staff Summary Sheet

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