AF Form 469 Duty Limiting Condition Report

What Is AF Form 469?

AF Form 469, Duty Limiting Condition Report is a form used for describing the physical limitations and recommended duty or mobility restrictions of service members. This form is filed if the service member's health condition does not allow them to accomplish their mission effectively. The AF 469 is used to convey any kind of physical limitations and appropriate medical recommendations to the service member's commander.

This form is related to AF Form 422, Notification of Air Force Member's Qualification Status. It serves as a record of the service member's physical condition. This form is filed at the initial qualification, qualification for retirement or separation, military retraining, Permanent Change of Station (PCS), Professional Military Education (PME), etc.

The latest version of the form was released by the Air Force (AF) with all previous editions obsolete. The document cannot be found through the Air Force e-Publishing website, or anywhere online, as it is filed through the ASIMS web-based application. A printable AF Form 469 is available for download below for reference purposes.


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Duty Limiting Condition Report

Service members who are currently unable to meet fitness requirements should use AF Form 469 and the AF Form 422 with activity restrictions and exercise prescriptions. In brief, AF Form 422 indicates what the service member can do, and AF Form 469 contains the service member's restrictions.

Any duty restrictions should be detailed on the form. Duty restrictions indicate what the service member is not able to do from their current occupational duties because of the mobility or fitness restrictions. Mobility restrictions should detail whether the service member can be deployed.

If the service member's condition affects their fitness but does not impact mobility, retention, or duties, AF form 469 will detail functional limitations, specific fitness restrictions, and fitness assessment restrictions.

If the form is used as a limitations list for a pregnant service member, the form will be modified. The service member's workplace will be examined for physical and chemical hazards that can cause harm and the form will contain appropriate restrictions.

AF Form 469 does not include any medical diagnosis and it should not contain any positive affirmations regarding the service member's physical abilities. However, it may contain instructions regarding a member's medical management. The maximum duration of the AF Form 469 is 12 months. If the form follows the Medical Evaluation Board process (MEB) or Review in Lieu of MEB (RILO), the maximum duration of the form is 15 months. Only one AF form 469 can be active at a time. The records of all previous forms are maintained by the Preventative Health Assessment and Individual Medical Readiness (PIMR).

Where Do I Find My AF Form 469?

AF Form 469 is available only as an electronic form that is stocked and issued by a Medical Treatment Facility. To request a copy, contact your MTF. The blank AF Form 469 is available from the Medical Provider or the Health Monitor.

Does an AF 469 Need to be Signed?

AF 469 should not be signed by the service member themselves. The completed form should be reviewed, signed and dated by a Health Care Provider, a Force Health Manager, and a Profile officer.

Once the form is signed by the Health Care Provider, it is forwarded on to a Public Health Office for review and validation. The Public Health Office will validate and then file a copy in the service member's record, provide a second copy to the Member, and forward the third copy to the service member's commander.