Form WB-25 Bill of Sale - Wisconsin

Form WB-25 Bill of Sale - Wisconsin

What Is Form WB-25?

Form WB-25, Bill of Sale, is a legal document used to record the transfer of property ownership from the seller to the buyer. Complete this form if you are a homeowner looking to sell your real estate or a private party seeking to purchase a residential, commercial, or industrial property. This form will serve as solid proof the transaction took place and will help both parties to the agreement to void issues that may arise in the future.

Alternate Name:

  • Wisconsin Real Estate Bill of Sale.

This form was released by the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing on . You can download Wisconsin Form WB-25 through the link below.


Wisconsin Real Estate Bill of Sale

Include the following information in your real estate bill of sale:

  1. Identification of the parties;
  2. Full description of the property sold. It is also possible to attach the schedule to the form and reference it at line 26;
  3. Seller's warranty. The seller must confirm free ownership of the property clear of all encumbrances and liens;
  4. Date when the bill of sale was drafted. Specify the licensee and firm if they participated in composing the document;
  5. Signature of the seller and the actual date of signing.

Form WB-25 only warrants free and clear title to the property but does not provide any guarantees regarding the condition of the real estate. If you desire to give or obtain such a warranty, provide it in a separate document.

Download Form WB-25 Bill of Sale - Wisconsin

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