Non-disclosure Agreement Template - Arizona

Non-disclosure Agreement Template - Arizona

Arizona Non-Disclosure Agreement: What is it?

An Arizona Non-Disclosure Agreement is a legal instrument often used in competitive industries to ensure that confidential and proprietary information - descriptions of products and services, lists of clients, manufacturing details - is not leaked to any third parties. If your current or former employee, a business partner, or customer was made aware of the details that can be used for their personal gain and harm the business you own, it is important to let them know they must not disclose this information to anyone - not only your rivals on the market in case the information is commercially sensitive but also their relatives or friends.

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Arizona NDA: How to Make?

Follow these steps to create an Arizona NDA to set up protections for confidential information:

  1. Outline the scope of the agreement . You must determine what information is considered confidential and make sure the parties are on the same page in terms of understanding not only the importance of keeping the sensitive details secret but also the list of particulars and trade secrets they will not be allowed to disclose to any third party.
  2. Indicate the term of the contract . The disclosing party may prefer to sign an indefinite agreement while the recipient of the information may want to avoid binding themselves to a contract that will last a lifetime especially if the information in question is profitable. Negotiate this provision and find a common ground - it is possible 10 or 15 years will be enough.
  3. Explain the consequences of breaching the contract . The receiving party may lose their job or be sued for the damages caused by their decision to share confidential information; alternatively, you may mention the amount of compensation the other party will receive in the event the terms of the agreement are violated.
  4. Add the non-compete clause to the text of the agreement . If you want to prevent your former employee to work for a competitor in the same location or industry in addition to not disclosing sensitive details about your organization, you may offer this provision and safeguard your company even further.
  5. Get a notary seal for your contract . A notary public will confirm the identity of the parties that sign and date the document in their presence.

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