Non-disclosure Agreement Template - Delaware

Non-disclosure Agreement Template - Delaware

Delaware Non-Disclosure Agreement: What is it?

Draft a Delaware Non-Disclosure Agreement to describe the particulars of the confidential relationship between the person that owns the rights to a trade secret, formula, or manufacturing procedure and the individual that receives this information. Widely used in almost every industry, this document will help the company protect the proprietary information they shared with an employee, business partner, investor, or customer whether they used to work together in the past or maintain a professional relationship for years to come.

You can find a Delaware Non-Disclosure Agreement Template via the link below and customize this contract to your liking.


Delaware NDA: How to Make?

Here is how you need to compose a legally enforceable Delaware NDA to protect the sensitive information from being disclosed:

  1. Identify the parties - the disclosing party (most often, a business) and the recipient of the information (it can be a private individual or another company).
  2. Determine what information is considered confidential and will be safeguarded by the agreement . Try to avoid vague wording to prevent disagreements and disputes in the future. You should also record the exclusions from the contract - for instance, if the information covered in writing becomes known to the general public without the person in question being involved, it cannot constitute a violation of the contract terms.
  3. List the steps the owner of the confidential information should take in the event of a contract violation . It is recommended to send a formal notice before filing a lawsuit to resolve the issues peacefully and ensure the sensitive details are not disclosed.
  4. Decide the duration of the NDA - it can be indefinite or last for a few years, depending on the wishes of the parties and the contents of the information protected by the agreement.
  5. Add the non-compete clause if you believe it will help keep the information safe - for instance, you may forbid your former employee to work for a competitor in the same town since this employment may involve sharing sensitive details the former has learned while working for you.
  6. Sign and date the papers . It is necessary to add an extra level of protection to the agreement so visit a notary public who will put their seal under the signatures after verifying your identities and confirming the intention to formalize the deal.

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