Non-disclosure Agreement Template - Hawaii

Non-disclosure Agreement Template - Hawaii

Hawaii Non-Disclosure Agreement: What is it?

If you have disclosed confidential details and want to protect your proprietary information, trade secrets, formulas, or manufacturing procedures, you may have to sign a Hawaii Non-Disclosure Agreement .

Often used when two business partners negotiate the terms of the contract that would benefit both organizations, when a company starts working with a new client with whom they will share sensitive data, or when an employee is leaving the entity that gave them access to private information of the business, this document will keep the information listed in writing confidential not letting its owner lose revenue in the future.

A Hawaii Non-Disclosure Agreement Template can be downloaded below.


Hawaii NDA: How to Make?

To create a legally binding Hawaii NDA, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Write down the names and addresses of the parties . It is up to you to add more details that identify the counterparts if you believe it is necessary.
  2. Determine what is covered by the contract in question . It is possible certain details were known to the recipient of information prior to the collaboration with the disclosing party - in this case, there is no need to include them in this document. Besides, there must be exclusions - for instance, if the information is leaked by a third party without the recipient's involvement, the latter cannot be considered responsible.
  3. Record the term of the NDA . As a rule, a contract that does not contain the date is considered indefinite; however, it is easy to challenge a document of this kind and one of the parties may be hurt after they omit to include this provision. So, it would be better to negotiate at least a period of several years during which the information remains confidential.
  4. State the obligation of the recipient not to seek employment with the market competitors of the company they used to work for if this is an agreement between an employer and an employee . This is called the "non-compete clause" and sometimes it is an essential part of the non-disclosure agreement especially if the employee had access to information that may give an unfair advantage to the rivals of their former employer.
  5. Sign the documentation in the presence of a notary public . They will confirm your identity and put the notary seal on the agreement making it valid.

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