Non-disclosure Agreement Template - Indiana

Non-disclosure Agreement Template - Indiana

Indiana Non-Disclosure Agreement: What is it?

If you are looking for the surest way to safeguard the sensitive information you share with your business partners, investors, and clients, you should offer them to sign an Indiana Non-Disclosure Agreement .

This document is needed to protect the information the business values - if it is leaked by the person or entity that agreed to keep it secret with or without compensation in accordance with the provisions of the contract, the non-breaching party will be entitled to sue for damages and receive compensation.

An Indiana Non-Disclosure Agreement Template can be downloaded through the link below.


Indiana NDA: How to Make?

Here is how you should draft an Indiana NDA that will be deemed valid and accepted by courts and authorities alike:

  1. Enter the names of the parties . To facilitate the identification, you should also add the phone numbers, physical addresses, and e-mails of the counterparts. If a person is involved in the signing, you may record their driver's license number as well.
  2. Describe what kind of information is considered sensitive in line with the terms and conditions of the contract . You may include financial records, plans, strategies, designs, patterns, formulas, customer details, and inventions. To make sure the intentions of the parties are not misconstrued in the long run by third parties or by the court in the event of a lawsuit, it is also necessary to indicate the details that will not be covered by the agreement - for instance, the information the recipient has discovered on their own or the data that became public knowledge prior to the signing.
  3. State the duration of the NDA . If the details you have shared must be protected indefinitely, there has to be a mention of the term in writing. Alternatively, if the parties determine it to be more convenient and reasonable, it is possible to limit the confidentiality clause and only ask for a year or several years of keeping the data secret.
  4. Sign and date the contract . If the parties prefer to trust someone else with handling the negotiations and signing the papers, it is permitted to issue an authorization for a legal representative who will handle the matter instead. Note that the NDA requires notarization - a notary public will put their seal under the document after verifying the identity of the parties or their agents.

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