Non-disclosure Agreement Template - Kansas

Non-disclosure Agreement Template - Kansas

Kansas Non-Disclosure Agreement: What is it?

In case you want to protect proprietary information that belongs to your company when working or dealing with investors, business partners, clients, or employees, you can ask any private individual or entity to sign a Kansas Non-Disclosure Agreement .

Whether you have a mutual obligation not to disclose the sensitive details you have learned during your collaboration or this duty will only belong to the other party, this document offers you the safest way to make sure the trade secrets, patents, formulas, patterns, and strategies that are essential to the financial well-being of your business are kept safe for years to come.

Download a Kansas Non-Disclosure Agreement Template via the link below.


Kansas NDA: How to Make?

Follow these steps to create a legally enforceable Kansas NDA:

  1. Record the full names and contact details of the parties . If one of the parties is an individual, you should also add their driver's license number.
  2. Explain what kind of information is covered by the agreement . Be as clear and specific as possible - there is no place for ambiguity in a document like this. Refer to internal documentation of the business if it is impractical to list all the details in the NDA and make sure the contract contains the date these documents were prepared and signed.
  3. Enter the duration of the contract . Traditionally, the time period of the NDA is related to the usefulness of the data in question - if it is no longer relevant after a few years, there will be no need to oblige the recipient of the information to keep it confidential. Some industries and companies, however, would make a wise choice opting for indefinite protection.
  4. Add a non-compete clause to the contract if you are signing the papers with the employee leaving your organization and you want to prevent your market competitors from hiring them if the employment means the confidential information may be compromised.
  5. Describe the measures the parties should take in case they learn the terms of the agreement were or are violated - it is advised to reach out to the breaching party before filing a lawsuit against them.
  6. Book an appointment with a notary public who will verify your identities and witness your signatures . Alternatively, you may provide authorization to a legal representative who will sign the documentation instead.

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