Student Enrollment Form

Student Enrollment Form

Student Enrollment Form: What Is It?

A Student Enrollment Form is filled in when a new student enrolls at an educational facility. This will make the enrollment procedure much simpler for students, parents, and the educational facility itself

Alternate Name:

  • New Student Enrollment Form.

The form is usually completed by a student or their legal guardians and the main aim is to ensure that the new educational facility can accommodate and make the adaptation of the student smoother. The form will require the following information from either the student or their parents:

  • Personal details of the student including their full name, contact details and full address;
  • Details regarding the parents (or any other legal guardian). In most cases this information is required in case of an emergency where the next of kin will be contacted;
  • The form will also request information concerning the interests or preferences of the student. This includes (but is not limited to) any preferences in student accommodation, specific spheres of educational interests (the subjects that the student is interested in), any sports that the student has played and any known languages.

Once all of this information has been compiled, it can be used to make the student feel more comfortable and to provide additional support when and if it is required which benefits the student, parents and teachers.

A Student Enrollment Form template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

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