Star Student Certificate

Star Student Certificate

Star Student Certificate: What Is It?

If one of your students has done or achieved something remarkable, you may want to bring attention to them and shine some light by presenting them with a Star Student Certificate . It is great for the classroom community and can be used as a great motivating tool to get children to work hard and strive to achieve success.

Alternate Name:

  • Star Student Award.

Implementing this in the classroom will also boost the confidence and self-esteem of the students, particularly if this is done on a weekly basis. Teachers can even involve fellow peers of the student to help decide who the star of the week is. By sitting down together and voting, possibly even making positive notes in a specialized 'Star Book', children can each write down one really positive thing about the star student which will only amplify their success and happiness.

If done consistently and appropriately, children will be eager to see who the new star of the week is every time. To make the star of the week feel even more special, you can combine this certificate with an extra privilege. For example, maybe your students will get to wear a special pin for the week, wear a golden jumper for the week or perhaps wear some sort of bracelet. Anything that will make them stick out so that anyone in the school can recognize their success and achievements.

A Star Student Certificate template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

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