Pre-admission Physical Examination Form - Iupuc

Pre-admission Physical Examination Form - Iupuc

The Pre-admission Physical Examination Form - Iupuc is a document used by the Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus (IUPUC) to gather relevant health information about a student before they are admitted to the university. The intent of this document is to ensure that the student is in good physical health capable of managing their studies without posing health risks to themselves or their peers. It typically asks about the student’s medical history, current health status, any ongoing treatments, immunization records, and may also require a physician’s statement validating the student’s health condition.

The Pre-admission Physical Examination Form - IUPUC is typically filed by students who are seeking admission to Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus (IUPUC). The form needs to be completed by a licensed healthcare provider after conducting a physical examination of the student. So, while the healthcare professional fills out the specific medical information, it's the responsibility of the prospective student to submit the completed form to the university's health services department.


Q: What is a pre-admission physical examination form?
A: The pre-admission physical examination form is a document that makes record of a medical check-up conducted by a healthcare provider prior to a patient's admission into an institution such as a school, college, or certain workplaces. This is done to ensure that the individual is physically fit and doesn't carry any health risks that could impact their ability to perform their role.

Q: What is IUPUC?
A: IUPUC stands for Indiana University–Purdue University Columbus. It's a public university located in Columbus, Indiana. It's an accredited branch of Indiana University and Purdue University and offers various undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Q: What information does a pre-admission physical examination include?
A: A pre-admission physical examination form generally includes details about the individual's medical history, allergies, current medications, surgeries or past medical treatments, lifestyle habits (like smoking or alcohol use), family medical history, and the results of any conducted physical examinations. It may also include lab or diagnostic test results.

Q: Do I need a physical examination for admission to IUPUC?
A: Each university, including IUPUC, may have its specific health requirements for incoming students. Some educational institutions require students to undergo physical exams or provide an updated vaccination record. It's always best to directly check with your university's admissions office for the precise details.


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