Form MVD-10009 Bill of Sale - New Mexico

Form MVD-10009 Bill of Sale - New Mexico

What Is Form MVD-10009?

​Form MVD-10009, Bill of Sale is the document filled out to record the details of a vehicle sale in the state of New Mexico. The same form is used to document the transfer of a vessel (boat or motorboat).

Alternate Names:

  • New Mexico Vehicle Bill of Sale;
  • New Mexico Vessel Bill of Sale.

The form was released by the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department. It was last revised on March 1, 2018. Download the latest version of Form MVD-10009 through the link below.

Does a Bill of Sale have to be Notarized in New Mexico?

Form MVD-10009 is a legal form that does not require notarization in order to be legal and valid.


How to Sell a Vehicle in New Mexico?

When selling a vehicle in New Mexico, the seller usually has to fill out Form MVD-10002, Vehicle Title and Registration Application. If the information is not complete, you are required to fill out Form MVD-10009 as well. The same refers to vessel sales.

Important! The form numbers and names mentioned in the instructions for the MVD-10009 are outdated. Form MVD-10032, Boat Certificate of Title and Form MVD-10030, Certificate of Title have been replaced by Form MVD-10002, Vehicle Title and Registration Application and Form MVD-10003, Application for Vessel Title and Registration.

This form is a state-issued document and must be filled out very carefully as any alterations void it. The document consists of two parts: the form itself and the instructions. The information required depends on the item you sell. Usually, you need to include the following items:

  1. The exact sales price of the vehicle or vessel you sell;
  2. A detailed description of the sold item, including the year, make, model, body type, engine number (if applicable), vehicle or hull identification number, license plate or vehicle registration number. If the document is completed to record the sale of a boat, you also need to enter the overall vessel length, vessel beamwidth, and vessel transom depth;
  3. According to the New Mexico laws, anyone who sells a vehicle within the state must fill out a vehicle odometer disclosure section. This section must include the odometer reading of the transferred car, the specification if the indicated reading is the actual mileage, or if there is odometer discrepancy, printed names of both the seller and the buyer, signatures of both parties, and dates the odometer disclosure statement was signed by each. Do not forget that according to the state law, a fraudulent odometer statement may result in a fine, or imprisonment, or both;
  4. If a vehicle or vessel is sold by a dealer, it must include the dealership name and the dealer's license number;
  5. If there is any lien, the document must include the lienholder's name, address, number, file date, and maturity date;
  6. If you are a private seller, enter your name and full address, including state and ZIP-code;
  7. It is also necessary to indicate the name and full address of the buyer;
  8. For the document to be valid, it must be signed by the seller or sellers.

After completing the form, make a copy for your records and give the original to the buyer. The next step you have to take is to remove the license plates. Remember that you have only 30 days to return them to a local Motor Vehicle Division office or to register them with a new car of the same class.

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