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Are you a direct shipper of alcoholic beverages? If so, you have come to the right place to find all the information and forms you need. Our website is a comprehensive resource for direct shippers, providing you with valuable guidance, official documents, and helpful instructions.

We understand that as a direct shipper, you have unique reporting requirements and obligations. That's why we have compiled a collection of documents specifically tailored to address the needs of direct shippers like yourself. Whether you are shipping distilled spirits, wine, beer, or any other alcoholic beverage, our documents cover a wide range of topics and requirements.

Our collection includes forms such as the Direct Shippers' Detailed Report of Distilled Spirits or Wine, which is necessary for compliance with Kentucky regulations. Additionally, we have the Direct Shipper Sparkling and Fortified Wine Excise Tax Report, designed specifically for direct shippers in Maine. If you are a beer wholesaler, brewery, or direct shipper in Idaho, we offer the Instructions for Form 1650 Beer Wholesalers, Breweries, and Direct Shippers Tax Return to help you navigate your tax obligations.

We also provide valuable resources such as the Schedule 12 Statement of Authorized Deductions by Law for Direct Shippers, which is an essential document for direct shippers in Oregon.

Our goal is to make the process of complying with regulations and reporting requirements as easy and straightforward as possible for direct shippers. With our wide range of documents and resources, you can stay informed, accurate, and compliant, ensuring the smooth operation of your direct shipping business.

Trust our documents and guidance to keep your direct shipping business running smoothly. Browse our collection today and take the first step towards effortless compliance.




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This Form is used for filing the quarterly return of direct shippers of alcohol in the state of Kentucky.

This Form is used for filing a wine tax return for distributors, wineries, direct shippers, and strong beer breweries in Idaho. It provides instructions on how to properly report and pay wine tax obligations to the state.

This document is used for reporting the excise tax on sparkling and fortified wine shipments made by direct shippers in Maine.

This document is a report used by direct shippers of table wine in Maine to report and pay excise taxes.

This document is an application for a Direct Shipper License in the state of Maine. It is used by individuals or businesses seeking to obtain a license to ship alcohol directly to consumers in Maine.

This Form is used for reporting and paying excise taxes on the direct shipment of beer, spirits, and wine in Nebraska.

This document is used by direct shippers in Oregon to provide a statement of authorized deductions as required by law. It outlines the deductions that can be made from the total amount of sales made by the direct shipper.

This form is used for reporting quarterly shipments made by direct shippers to consumers in Oregon.

This document provides instructions for completing the Schedule H Direct Shipper's Annual Beer Tax Report in North Dakota. It guides individuals and businesses on reporting and paying their annual beer taxes when shipping beer directly to consumers in the state.

This document is used to provide instructions for filling out the Schedule G Direct Shipper's Annual Beer Tax Report in the state of North Dakota.

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