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Looking for information on water companies? You've come to the right place. Our website is a comprehensive resource for everything related to water companies, also known as water company or water firm.

Water companies play a vital role in supplying safe and clean water to households, businesses, and industries. They are responsible for managing and maintaining water infrastructure, treating water to ensure its quality, and delivering it to customers.

Our collection of documents related to water companies provides a wealth of valuable information. Whether you're a water company operator, a government official, or an interested individual, the documents cover various aspects of the water company industry.

From application forms for exemptions, such as the Form RP-7012-W Application for Exemption From Filing Water Company Annual Financial Report in New York, to annual reports like the Form ADV: U5-15 Water Company Annual Report in Alabama, there is a wide range of documents available to suit your needs.

Additionally, we have documents related to regulatory requirements, such as the Form DEEP-PURA-REG-001 Registration for Private, Nonprofit Land-Holding Organization to Receive Notice of Water Company Plans to Sell Land or Change Water Supply Plans in Connecticut. These documents can provide important insights into the regulations that govern water companies' actions.

We also provide tax-related documents, like the Form C.C.T.D.8 Annual Tax Report of Water Companies in Virginia and the Form CERT-130 Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Purchases by Water Companies in Connecticut. These documents can help water companies navigate the complex world of taxation and ensure compliance with applicable laws.

Whether you're searching for specific information or looking to gain a better understanding of the water company industry, our website's collection of documents can provide valuable insights. Explore our extensive collection today and enhance your knowledge of water companies.




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This form is used for registration of private, nonprofit land-holding organizations in Connecticut who want to receive notice from water companies regarding plans to sell land or change water supply plans.

This Form is used for claiming sales and use tax exemption for purchases made by water companies in Connecticut.

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