Printable Wine Tasting Sheet Templates

What Is a ​Wine Tasting Sheet?

A Wine Tasting Sheet is a checklist used by wine connoisseurs to record their wine ratings. It contains useful hints on what to pay attention to when tasting and evaluating wine. These hints are very helpful for new wine-tasting enthusiasts.

Alternate Name:

  • Wine Tasting Score Sheet.

How to Use a Wine Tasting Sheet?

Generally, one may define three main purposes of these checklists:

  1. Firstly, they are reminders for you to keep in mind everything you should look for in a wine. Most wine tasting sheets provide you with space to write down the name, producer, region, vintage year, and price of a specific wine bottle. What’s more, they often contain a few lines for you to write down your personal impression of wine you taste. The templates also contain pre-printed criteria of wine tasting, such as its aroma, color, body, and aftertaste. You can use these tips to estimate the quality of wine even if you do not have much experience.
  2. Secondly, they provide you with a convenient way to write down your observations. Almost every wine tasting sheet contains a table or chart that allows you to record your assessment in a neat and well-organized manner. You can provide a score to each wine you taste to determine the one you like best.
  3. Thirdly, they help you to remember your impression of a specific wine. Even if you liked a certain sort immensely, you can still forget important details about it.

There are many varieties of wine tasting sheets. Some templates are long and specific, designed for experienced professionals whereas others are brief and concise. Besides, there are templates created especially for blind wine tasting. They are widely used when organizing a blind wine tasting party.




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This document provides a template for recording and evaluating different wines during a tasting event. It allows you to jot down details such as the wine's appearance, aroma, taste, and overall impressions.

This type of document provides templates for gift certificates that can be used to purchase wine.

This document allows you to record and evaluate different wines during a tasting event. It helps you track and compare the taste, aroma, and appearance of each wine.

This document is a template for evaluating and comparing different types of wine. Perfect for wine enthusiasts or those learning about wine tasting.

This document provides a blind wine tasting sheet to help individuals accurately and objectively evaluate various wines without knowledge of the labels or brands.

This document provides three wine tasting score sheets per page, allowing you to evaluate and rate different wines.

This document provides a template for recording and organizing wine tasting notes. Capture the flavor, aroma, and other details of each wine you taste with this helpful template. Perfect for wine enthusiasts looking to keep track of their favorite wines.

This document is a wine scoring sheet used to evaluate and rate different types of wine based on taste, aroma, and appearance. It helps wine tasters keep track of their reviews and compare different wines.

This template is for creating a wine tasting card that allows you to swirl and sip different wines. You can use it to record your observations and notes about each wine you sample.

This document is used for obtaining a permit to host wine tastings in the state of Vermont.

This letter is from the Chairman of the Board of Court of Master Sommeliers, Americas, and may contain important updates or information regarding the organization and its activities.

This type of document is a gift certificate for a red wine tasting experience. It can be given as a present to someone who enjoys wine and wants to explore the flavors of different red wines.

This gift certificate allows you to enjoy a wine tasting experience for two people, with two complimentary glasses included. It's the perfect gift for wine enthusiasts or a fun activity to enjoy with a friend or loved one. Cheers!

This document is a wine tasting gift certificate specifically for white wine. It can be used to gift someone a white wine tasting experience where they can sample different types of white wines.

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