California Boat Bills of Sale are state-issued forms employed in California for transferring ownership of various kinds of boats and vehicles from the seller to the buyer. Use the same forms to record your transaction for a boat that you use for purchasing or selling of a vehicle, namely Form REG 135, Bill of Sale and Form REG 262, Vehicle/Vessel Transfer and Reassignment (available through the California DMV). Certain counties in California require additional documentation. You are welcome to download these forms down below.



Form REG135 "Vehicle/Boat Bill of Sale" - California

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This form is a document you use to substantiate the transfer of a motor vehicle or watercraft from the seller to the buyer. This state-approved document helps to record the transaction information and serves as proof of purchase.

Form AO-VBA550 "Important Notice of Boat and Aircraft Assessment Information" - Ventura County, California

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Form FCA3169 "Boat Sold or Moved" - County of Fresno, California

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"Vessel/Aircraft Update Form" - Shasta County, California

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