Free Tennessee Vehicle Bill of Sale Forms and Templates

What Is a Tennessee Vehicle Bill of Sale?

A Tennessee Vehicle Bill of Sale is a legally binding agreement signed by the seller and the purchaser in order to record the details of the car transfer. You may use any of the forms below to document your transaction for any motor vehicle, from a motorcycle to an RV. However, some of them are county-specific and will only be recognized in their respective counties:

  1. Bill of Sale for Motor Vehicle, issued by the Tennessee County Clerk, is the most used document the parties complete during the vehicle sale and transfer. In fact, it is a universally used document throughout the state. Enter the seller and buyer's personal information, describe the vehicle, add trade-in details (if applicable) and the selling price of the motor vehicle, then sign the form.
  2. Vehicle or Watercraft Bill of Sale (Tipton County);
  3. Form BK441, Bill of Sale of Motor Vehicle (Hamilton County);
  4. Bill of Sale of Motor Vehicle (Hancock County);
  5. Vehicle/Boat Bill of Sale (Rutherford County).

How to Get a Car Title from a Bill of Sale in Tennessee?

A Tennessee Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale is not the only document required to obtain a new certificate of title for your car. The seller must assign the title to you by completing the assignment section on the certificate and disclose the current odometer reading to you. Visit the local county clerk's office and submit the aforementioned documentation to receive a certificate of title with your name on it. There is no need to fill out a special application form to transfer title - you will receive a new one within a few business days.

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Get this official Tennessee Bill of Sale that allows a seller and a purchaser to exchange a certain amount of money for a motor vehicle. This form is required for legal registration and operation of a vehicle in the state.

This document is a bill of sale for a vehicle or watercraft in Tipton County, Tennessee. It is used to transfer ownership and document the sale of these types of vehicles.


This Form is used for recording the sale of a motor vehicle in Hamilton County, Tennessee. It serves as a legal document stating the details of the sale, including the buyer and seller information, vehicle information, and purchase price.

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