Free Tennessee Bill of Sale Forms and Templates

A Tennessee Bill of Sale is a typed or handwritten legal document composed to record the fact of the transfer of various types of property from one individual or entity (the seller) to another (the purchaser).

Do You Need a Bill of Sale in Tennessee?

You are not required to complete the bill of sale unless you are selling or buying a vehicle or a boat, because later the bill of sale will be necessary to obtain registration. The state does not provide you with government-released forms you can use for other personal items; however, you should consider composing a bill of sale. It will serve as material evidence of the property transfer, releases the seller from the responsibility for the use of the sold goods, and proves the indicated purchaser is not the legal owner of the described property.

  1. Generic. This document is typically used to record the transaction in all cases that do not require a specific form. At the moment, no government-issued documents are available for this purpose.
  2. Vehicle. The main document used to sell and buy vehicles in Tennessee is the Bill of Sale for Motor Vehicle, issued by the Tennessee County Clerk. It is also possible to complete other forms if you reside in one of the following counties:
  3. Boat. The most common bill of sale in Tennessee used to sell a watercraft is the Boat Bill of Sale, issued by the Tennessee County Clerk. Nevertheless, you are allowed to use a county-specific template if you wish:
  4. Gun. Fill out a basic template to have documented evidence of the firearm transfer from the seller to the buyer.

How to Write a Bill of Sale in Tennessee?

To protect the legal interests of both parties to the transaction, a Tennessee Bill of Sale form must contain the following details:

  1. Identification and contact information of the parties - their names, addresses, and driver's license numbers;
  2. Description of the property - size, make, model, color, serial number;
  3. Date and location of the sale;
  4. Payment information - purchase price and the chosen method of payment;
  5. Signatures of the seller and the buyer.

Prepare the bill of sale in two copies - the seller will keep it for the records, and the buyer will need it for registration since it serves as a purchase receipt.




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Get this official Tennessee Bill of Sale that allows a seller and a purchaser to exchange a certain amount of money for a motor vehicle. This form is required for legal registration and operation of a vehicle in the state.

Download this official Tennessee boat form in order to document the transfer of a vessel from a seller to a purchaser. You can prove ownership of the boat with the help of this form and release the previous owner from liability for the watercraft.

This is a typed or handwritten document that establishes the details of a firearm transfer from a seller to a buyer. It is legally binding and can be used as proof of ownership or release of responsibility in the transaction of pistols, rifles, and other assault weapons in the category of legal handguns.

Download this document and complete it as legal evidence of a property transfer from one party to another. Properly drafted, it will release the seller from the liability for the sold product and prove the buyer is the new owner of the property.

This Form is used for recording the sale of a motor vehicle in Hamilton County, Tennessee. It serves as a legal document stating the details of the sale, including the buyer and seller information, vehicle information, and purchase price.

This document is a Bill of Sale specifically used for boats in Hancock County, Tennessee. It is a legal agreement between the buyer and seller when transferring ownership of a boat.

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